First 3D television sets go on sale in major countries

3D TV has been one of the biggest technology stories of the year so far and Thursday morning (22 April) saw the first ones actually going on sale in the UK.

They’ve been available in the US and Japan for several months, but as expected they’re not cheap. The price of the first TV released is £1,799 – and there are lots of other bits of kit needed to get the right set-up.

A pair of the 3D glasses this system uses cost £150, a 3D Blu-ray DVD player is around £350 and a compatible HDMI cable is £50.

At the moment, the platforms available for 3D TV are limited. There are no 3D television channels and there are only a relatively small selection of 3D DVDs and video games.

It’s also worth pointing out that as well as 3D capability, the televisions going on sale also offer the latest 2D high-definition technology.

While some forecasts predict only modest sales this year, most experts believe it’s the future and that 3D TVs will sell in much larger numbers once the content improves and the price comes down.

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One Response to “First 3D television sets go on sale in major countries”

  1. Aurell says:

    wtf? at least sell all the extra stuff with the tv.

    ehhh the earliest i would probably get one is in a few ears >_>

    when something like that is starting out its usually expensive with only a few things to come with it.

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