Top T-Shirts Quotes Collection

Its summer season and the hotness of sun is too much to bear. Definitely you would try go market and arrange some of t-shirts to overcome the hotness to some extent like me :) . I use to find up some nice quotes on t-shirts on internet 1st before going into market, for me, quotes depends more than the quality of the t-shirt (obviously not :p ). Here you see below, some of the new and most frequently used t-shirts quotes round the Globe now a days :)

Laughing out louder. It make me laugh! Some how, quotes on the t-shirts say it all if you can’t say it by your face :) The above picture is an example of that. You would get it yourself ;) . Yes boss, I can’t do any better thing now ;) cheerz!

Sexsi – Damn, one new word I got today to replace sexy, i use sesky in past ;) Love the shirt. It says it all.

“we can see it that, you are fat. Don’t you wear such type of shits in future” LOL. that’s what probably the thing, that could intimate your friend to bark up watching this shirt, if you are fat ;)

Sad!! Isn’t it? :( [Last picture]

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