Top 10 deadly killing helicopters

Military wars are all about screwing the opponent with all the sources you have. Avionics have always been the best and worst killing factor involved in destroying the enemy. Aircraft planes and helicopters have been the worst choice ever for avionic wars. We cover the category of Top 10 Best aircrafts of history. Now its time for getting some facts and figures about helicopters too. See the collection of top 10 killing helicopters based on their Avionics, weapon system, fire power, speed, range, crew protection and overall performance. So, starting with number 10.

10- MI 24 – Soviet Union

Crew: 3 (8 troops or 4 stretchers)

Maximum takeoff weight: 12,000 kg

Speed: 335 km/h

Operational Range: 450 km

Armament: 12.7 mm Gatling gun, Rockets, Bombs, 8 x missiles

9- AH 1w super cobra

Crew: 2

Maximum takeoff weight: 6690 kg

Speed: 352 km/h

Operational Range: 587 km

Armament: 20mm cannon, 70mm rockets, 8 x ATGM or 2 x air to air missiles

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