Top 10 weird iPod accessories

You might notice people walking around wearing the headphones on ear, and the wire leading towards the pocket, some enjoy listening to the music, some chatting with friends. All the cell phones have different capabilities, some support any type of headphone, with some supports only specified type of headphones. What if really, these headphones get settled to your iPod? It might not be possible, but what goes of anyone, if we think like that.

Although Apple do have its own accessories available at the apple store, but still 3rd party makes out some weird, classical type of accessories for iPod, some gets flopped, but some really go popular, and make up the market. We have tried to cover up the 10 of the weirdest type of accessories for you. We hope you would like it. Starting with number 10:

10- The C.E.O. Billfold Wallet for iPod nano

One of the advantages of the iPod nano is its size. With a height of 2.75 inches (69.8 mm) and a width of 2.06 inches (52.3 mm), it fits easily in the palm of your hand and weighs only 1.74 ounces (49.2 grams) [source: Apple]. That makes traveling easy, and most listeners either hold onto their iPods or simply carry them in pants or shirt pockets.

For those of us who like to show off our iPods while at the bank, however, one third party developer has just the accessory. If you like to keep your iPod especially safe and treat it the same way you would your cash, credit cards and ID, a company called Marware has developed a wallet specifically for the iPod nano. It looks just like a regular wallet — it’s made of leather and is built with compartments for cash, credit cards and even a plastic secure ID pocket. But on closer inspection the C.E.O. Billfold Wallet for iPod nanohas a special slot on the bottom right half in which to carry the device, complete with a circular hole for the click wheel and a rectangular one for the screen. You can even charge the nano while it’s still inside the wallet: There’s an opening at the bottom of the slot where the iPod can be plugged into a power source.

9- iPod Belts and Boxers

One fashionable way to let everyone get a good look at your iPod is to wear it. Joggers, for example, can purchase handy wristbands or clips that hold their MP3 players during their run. Some accessories, on the other hand, take wearing your iPod even one step further. One company, appropriately namedTuneBuckle, sells special canvas belts designed to carry the iPod nano.

You don’t wear the MP3 player on the side, though; instead, the belt’s aluminum buckle is actually a case that’s perfectly shaped to hold the nano. Three different styles are available: The Original, which displays the entire front of the iPod; Full Moon, which covers everything except the click wheel; and Full Metal Jacket, which protects the whole front of the iPod and looks like a sleek airplane seat belt buckle.

If you like to keep your iPod really close, there’s also the iBox — men’s cotton and spandex boxer shorts with a built-in pocket for an iPod. Let’s just hope a pair of these never catches on fire.

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