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In modern air forces battlefield, the difference between bombers, fighter-bombers, and attack aircraft is blurred. Many attack aircraft, even ones that look like fighters, are optimized to drop bombs, with very little ability to engage in aerial combat while bombers have dominated the battlefield and led the path to victory. These are the best of the best. They are the top ten bombers of all time.

10- Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

In 1937 the Boeing Aircraft Company built America’s first all-metal, four-engine heavy bomber, the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress. Bristling with 13 0.5 machine guns, and with an average bomb load of 6,000 pounds, the “Forts” took on the worst the Luftwaffe had to offer.

Flying in formations of up to 1,000 bomber daylight raids, the B-17s attacked some of the most heavily defended targets in occupied Europe. Suffering unprecedented losses, the young American airmen in their B-17s helped turn the tide of the war in Europe by destroying the Nazi war machine.

9-  Handley Page 0/100

Aircraft technology was only 10 years old at the start of World War 1, but within a few years it had developed at an extraordinary pace. Great Britain’s first heavy bomber, the Handley Page 0/100, entered service in 1916 as a means of attacking the German Zeppelin bases that were causing huge damage to London.

Powered by two Rolls Royce engines with a speed of 79 mph, these 100-foot wingspan aircraft were able to deliver their 2,000 pounds of bombs with remarkable accuracy. After the war, the Handley was converted and formed the staple flying machine for the first civilian airlines in Europe.

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