Rocket car – Dream to Reality

Name suggest it all, rocket car would be the fastest and most incredible car on the planet. Engineers took 3 years for research and testing of the car with different aerodynamic designs, off course air makes a large difference when it comes to efficiency and speed.

The Bloodhound Project is a world land speed record attempt that is moving closer to reaching its goal of building a supersonic automobile.

Mike Horne Design worked on ThrustSSC, a car that set the current land speed record with the only car in the world to have officially gone supersonic at Black Rock Desert, Nevada on October 15, 1997, breaking the sound barrier and reaching 763 mph.

Generating millions of mathematical equations to investigate how the air would react around the 12.8-meter-long car as the car accelerates to its maximum design speed of 1,050 mph, and using this information they designed an efficient shape that would be stable at supersonic speed. The car is 12.8 meters long, 3 meters high, and 2 meters wide. The car structure is made of Aluminium, titanium and steel.

The story don’t ends up here. The above picture is of Bloodhound SSC’s monstrous support vehicle, the Supacat quiver, which carries spare rockets.

The rear structure is of critical importance to the design, as it needs to be capable of handling 9 tons of jet thrust from the EJ200 engine, plus 12 tons of thrust from its Falcon hybrid rocket. Vibration and high temperature from both the jet and rocket, along with the suspension loads and the 9 tons of brake chute drag, put great stresses on the body at supersonic speeds.

The vehicle will carry 963 kg (2,100 lbs) of HTP, supplied to the chamber by a high speed pump, which is based on the large HTP pump used in the Stentor rocket engine that powered the U.K.’s Blue Steel cruise missiles in the 1960s.

See the Gallery of Rocket car below, click on the image to get the description.

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