Top 10 highest bridges in the world

Bridges have been state of art for road construction, shortening the ground distances, bridges have always played role in meeting up the inaccessible sites via ground. The inaccessibility of most sites via ground is mainly due to deep, hollow naturally created long spaces, we have collected some of the top highest bridges from the world, that are ranked on the basis of their height from the ground level. Few of them may be under construction, but finally, they are in our list.

10- Liuguanghe Bridge

Height (feet) 975 feet
Main Span Length (feet) 787 feet
Completed 2001
Location Liu Guangzhen Guizhou
Country China

9- Royal Gorge Bridge

Height (feet) 1053 feet
Main Span Length (feet) 938 feet
Completed 1929 (expected)
Location Cañon City, Colorado
Country United States

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    Great post. Couple of double-ups in here though.
    What about the Millau

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