10 worst places for holiday

They say, five fingers are not equal. Globe is characterized by different places, some share common features while few are unique in one way or other. The uniqueness can be because of some thing good associated with them and it can be due to some bad attributes. Home is home, nothing can replace your own home but still some things make it really hard to live and survive. Ten worst places to live in this world, however, are not because of their geographical locations but because of factors that are incorporated in them by human that make it really hard for an ordinary individual to carry on their life. These are:

10- Urumqi – China

Location: 3,270km away from Beijing.

Population: Around one million.

Reason: Deadly downstream of sulphurous and industrial pollution.

Details: The deadly downstream of sulphurous is a gift from near agriculture lands. According to Chinese scientists, it has out numbered the most polluted city in the world.

9- Somalia

Location: Eastern Africa.

Population: Difficult to identify. According to 1997 census, it was 10,217,000.

Reason: Corruption

Details: It has been declared as a failed state. According to transparency report, it has been labeled as the most corrupt state in the world.

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4 Responses to “10 worst places for holiday”

  1. fuguo says:

    There are no worst places in this world, but worst people.

  2. Interesting. Something I certainly did not know about e.g. banning of freedom of speech. That is a first for me!!!

  3. PietSpeedtrap says:

    I really enjoy the articles, but I must correct you on Zimbabwe.
    First off, I live in South Africa, and our inflation is currently sitting at about 6%, what happened in Zimbabwe had no effect on South Africa what so ever, except for the foreign nationals jumping our borders in search of jobs and food.Zimbabwe’s inflation is so high because of the land reform program Robert Mugabe imposed, which forced white farmers of their land, and claimed all the farms and factories for the goverment, Robert Mugabe is still in charge of Zimbabwe, he has never stepped down or retired.

  4. Lompe says:

    Yeah! High HIV rates are something awful, but … when I go holidays I do not plan to have sexual intercourses to whoever I see.
    Inflation may be high, and that increases poverty, but… I go with my euros and exchange them everyday. So it can be a nice holiday and a way to support local communities.
    Low literacy is not desirable, but if decide to visit there, my expenditures may allow some children go to schools.

    And I could find more examples

    So, I find your ‘top 10′ list really misguided!

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