Top 10 most Intensive Airbuses

From helicopters to airplanes avionics history is full of unexpected disasters. We all have a fair idea of the danger in flying in air. But the thrill of flying can’t be treated. We have some avionics structures, that are considered most dangerous to fly on. These airplanes or helicopters from round the world have different records in the avionics history that make them the most extreme air vehicles of the world. Which of them made place in our list, lets see below:

10- Fastest Airliner, Tupolev Tu-144

The Soviet Tupolev Tu-144 was a supersonic airliner very similar in design and appearance to the Concorde. Although the Tu-144 actually flew first many joked about the ‘Concordski’. The Tu-144 was the first passenger airliner to break Mach 2. The last reported flight of one of the 16 Tu-144′s built was in 1987.

Tupolev Tu-144 flight:

9- Fastest Combat Jet, Mig 25

The MIG-25 is the fastest combat jet in the world, in 1967 a MIG-25 traveled at 1,853.61 mph. The only faster air breathing aircraft is the SR-71 Blackbird. A MIG-25 also holds the record for air breathing aircraft at 123,524 ft (37,650 m). MIG-25′s are regularly used by thrill-seekers on adventure holidays.

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