Top 10 Environmental Problems

The Earth has been floating over the problems, disasters and number of issues since ages.  And it is drowning further continuously with all the efforts of major parties of intrest. Environmental calamities are burning the earth to hell, but no one seriously cares about the stuff. We have collected the 10 major environmental problems to the earth, that needs to be addressed seriously.

10- Water Quality

One impact of environmental pollutants, wastes and chemical spills is an overall reduction in the quality of water.

According to UN reporting news center Half of the Population of World is facing serious problem in accessibility of pure water and by past 20 years, 2/3rd of the Population of World will suffer from Simple Water Deficiency.

Read our previous article on water wastage here.

9- Overpopulation

Human overpopulation is causing many of the environmental problems we face today. More humans means more energy consumed, more trash produced and more areas developed. Learn more about the effects of overpopulation and what can be done to try to reverse the damage.

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