Top 10 Wars on Water

Military wars are always challenging for the sovereignty of a nation especially when small disputes between two parties takes the shape of national wars. We have collected 10 of such clashes in the sea. Such sorts of clashes are particular in the sense that the warriors clash with each other without the involvement of any public / external resources.

#1 Freedom Flotilla vs. Israeli Defense Forces

Few weeks ago, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, a convoy of six ships and 380 people delivering humanitarian aid, set out from Istanbul to challenge Israel’s longstanding blockade of Gaza, a territory that is controlled by the militant group Hamas. The Israeli navy seized the flotilla on May 31 in international waters and raided the main ship, killing nine and wounding up to 60 activists. Because of conflicting reports, it is unclear which side instigated violence.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the attack on the flotilla, as well as the Gaza blockade. But the UN Security Council and dozens of nations have since condemned Israel for its act. The conflict has only further antagonized relations between the country and its neighbors in the Middle East.

#2 Defeat of the Spanish Armada

When Spanish Catholic King Phillip II waged war against his Protestant half-sister, Queen Elizabeth I, he accounted for everything except bad weather. The Spanish Armada — hailed the “Great and Most Fortunate Navy” before embarking on its planned invasion of England — did not have luck on its side. England’s forces, though outgunned and outnumbered, managed to fend off the Spanish fleet on July 28, 1588, and prevented the Spaniards from landing troops on the British mainland. Then the Armada retreated north past Scotland, where it met with disaster. Strong North Atlantic storms drove many of the ships onto the rocky Irish coast. Phillip had sent 30,000 soldiers to seize Albion, but only 10,000 returned.

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