Top 10 Viral Campaign Ads

All the Politicians are always hungry for attention and attraction from media, and in this YouTube and video sharing era, nothing attracts the eyeballs like a good viral video. We look at some of the campiest, craziest and creepiest campaign ads of the year and rated from 10 to 1. Lets start from #10;

#10 Tommy Gun Gorman

Congressional hopeful Pamela Gorman wants you to know that she can and does shoot guns. Lots and lots of guns. Capitalizing on the pretty lady–automatic weapon combo that works so well for Sarah Palin, Gorman is using this video in her bid for the GOP nomination in Arizona’s Third Congressional District. It’s a place where Republican candidates need to stand out; there are 10 of them vying to replace retiring Representative John Shadegg. And this seemingly endless montage showing Gorman discharging lead into the desert air certainly leaves an impression. We’d make a firearm-related pun or two, but Gorman already uses them all in her video (caliber of the candidate, a pretty fair shot, right on target). Plus, the tommy gun speaks for itself.

#9 Billy the Bailer

“You better bail faster, Billy!” So says the archetypal politician idly lounging with a tropical cocktail in hand while two kids try to keep their sinking raft afloat in this corny offering from Vermont Senate candidate Len Britton. As the children try to save the S.S. Ship of State, a lei-sporting henchman — we’re pretty sure he’s supposed to represent Democrats — pours buckets of symbolic stimulus water into the dinghy. It may be Britton’s campaign that’s destined to sink, though. Democratic incumbent Patrick Leahy has held the seat since 1974 and looks to be cruising to an easy victory in November. Rest assured, if ham-fisted metaphors set to carnival music won Senate races, this campaign ad would be shipshape.

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