Top 10 Audience Winner Screen Leeches

As The Twilight Saga is quite fad round from the theaters, its safe to list down the vampires :) . We take a look at iconic movie and TV bloodsuckers that produced the vampires.

#10 Zoltan, Dracula’s Dog

It’s Dracula’s dog. How awesome is that? Don’t waste time trying to think about why Dracula has a dog. Don’t waste time trying to think about why anyone would make a movie about said dog of Dracula. Just appreciate the fact that this exists. Next to Blacula, it’s possibly the worst idea for a vampire movie. The film, more creatively named Zoltan: Hound of Dracula outside the U.S., easily set a new bar for exploitation of the vampire myth. Up next, Dracula’s Parrot.

#9 The Count, Sesame Street

Sesame Street’s the Count (real name: Count von Count) is quite possibly the most mathematically proficient vampire that ever lived. Well, unlived. Undied? Oh, you know what we mean. Though, now that we think about it, the Count never seems to add or subtract numbers. He just counts them while laughing maniacally. In the 1970s, he used to stun people into a hypnotic trance with his counting. But television execs worried that his supernatural powers would frighten young children, so the friendly puppet hasn’t used them in nearly 30 years. He doesn’t bite anyone either. Actually, is this guy even a vampire … ?

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