Top 10 Abortive Dreams

Google has been testing a self-driving car on the highways of California. But cool ideas such as these have often not panned out. Lets take a look at visions of the future we’ve been endlessly waiting for (and some that we’re happy haven’t yet arrived)

#10 A Postapocalyptic Landscape

The Mad Max films, Planet of the Apes, The Road, The Terminator, War of the Worlds, WALL-E — pop-culture visions of the future have oft shown us depressing depictions of what it would be like to survive a nuclear war or a war against robots or a war against pollution. Lots of war. On second thought … this should probably be No. 1 on our next list: Top 10 Predictions for the Future That, Thankfully, Did Not Come True.

#9 Cyborg Abilities

Thanks to television series The Six Million Dollar Man, bionic beings were all the rage in the ’70s. Protagonist Steve Austin was “Better. Stronger. Faster.” Today, some people could be considered cyborgs — think Kevin Warwick, the scientist who implanted a radio-frequency ID chip in his body, or Jesse Sullivan, who after he lost his arms was given bionic ones — but most of us aren’t artificially better, stronger or faster … not like the Terminator or RoboCop. At least, not yet. Perhaps it’s for the best. There’s no guarantee all will use superhuman abilities for good. Also, if you’re someone who still struggles with or is confounded by technology, maybe incorporating it directly into your body isn’t the best idea.

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