10 most daring dares

You must have seen the convening of the 2010 European Rubik’s Cube Championship in Budapest, with skilled competitors solving the puzzle in a matter of seconds. Lets take a look at some of the world’s geekiest competitions.

#10 Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

Card-wielding national champions from 61 countries, along with assorted professionals and invited players, will convene at the “Worlds” in Chiba, Japan, on Dec. 9 for three days of simulated sorcery and spell-casting. Using decks of cards, players (known as “planeswalkers” — a type of wizard) battle one another for “glory, knowledge and conquest,” according to Magic’s official website. Players practice, try out new strategy and commune over weekly events around the country that are sponsored by Magic card manufacturer, Wizards of the Coast. These events are called Friday Night Magic — staking their place as the antidote to Friday Night Football.

#9 Evolution Championship Series

One of the largest and most popular video-game tournaments in the U.S., the Evolution Championship Series is an annual fighting-game competition that pits gamer against gamer. Featuring popular fighting franchises such as Street Fighter and Tekken, the contest sees gamers flock to Las Vegas each year. Championship duels play out before packed houses, scored by a chorus of chants from fellow gamers as the last geeks standing play for cash and prizes.

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