10 Mobile Apps for Movie Addicts

One of the greatest things about the burgeoning smartphone app market is all the apps, tools and games for movie lovers. Beyond just finding movie times and getting actor or director information, these apps can actually enhance the moviegoing experience itself by making it easier to manage your personal collections, rent movies online and even find out when it’s safe to skip out for a restroom break.

With several hundred thousand apps in the App Store andAndroid Market, it’s pretty tough to cover every app out there for movie fans. That’s why we’ve taken the time to try out and recommend 10 apps for movie addicts who want to get the most out of the movie watching experience.

We tried to stay as platform neutral as possible, picking apps (or alternatives) for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users. Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments below.

#10 RunPee for iPhone and Android

RunPee is an interesting idea for an app. It alerts you when it is “safe” to run the bathroom during a movie. This is convenient for those times you down too much movie theater soda during the 40 minutes of commercials and previews and find yourself needing to use the facilities or play the waiting game.

I’m usually not a fan of leaving the movie theater during a movie, but sometimes the alternative can be equally unpleasant. You could wind up having to use the men’s room after seeing Sex and the City: The Movie (the first one, not the sequel) because the line for the ladies was around the corner. True story.

RunPee is frequently updated and is a free app for both iPhone [iTunes link] and Android. You can get alerts when it’s safe to run and when you need to be back, but be aware, the break descriptions can sometimes spoil elements of the movie, so try not to read too much in advance. Additionally, be a good movie goer and keep the iPhone or Droid time to a minimum so that your seatmates don’t get distracted.

#9 Scene it? Series for iPhone and iPad

The Scene it? series [iTunes link] of apps for iPhone and iPad are really fantastic. The apps feature tons of high-quality movie clips, are available in a variety of different categories and — at $1.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad — are pretty inexpensive.

If you are familiar with the Scene it? board game, you’ll know how this game works. Get a question based on a movie clip and race to give the right answer. On the iPad especially, this is a great party game.

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