5 stylish Amplifier Docks to Enhance Your iPad’s Sound

A speaker dock for your iPad is a great investment for your home entertainment set-up. Besides offering vastly improved audio, it gives your precious ‘Pad somewhere tidy to sit and charge.

Whether you want to boost your iPad’s audio for music, movies or gaming, we’ve got five docks that offer different functionality and suit different budgets — from $80 to $300.

Have a look through the docks we’ve selected below (listed in price order) and let us know in the comments which one would be at the top of your wish list.

5. Philips Fidelio DS8550

The Fidelio has a few tricks up its sleeve — as you might hope for that high-end price tag. Besides docking and charging an iPad, it also boasts wireless Bluetooth streaming so you can hold your iPad (or use it in another stand) while the audio streams from the Fidelio. Its rechargeable battery is good for up to five hours playback on the go and the free Fidelio app offers enhanced alarm functions if you want to use the dock on your bedside table.

Cost: $299.95

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