Top 10 TV Commercials

T.V. Commercials are always against competition of each other. We have collected from a range the top 10 TV commercials of 2010, starting from number 10;

10. Bridgestone: Bachelor Party

Yes, this ad for Bridgestone tires is a total rip-off of the movie The Hangover, with a whale instead of a tiger. But the copycat works, because angry mammals in a backseat, particularly those with a blowhole, are funny. It’s also nice to see an advertisement that actually sells the product. The final, rubber-burning spinout, which hurls the whale through the back of the vehicle safely into the sea, is a clever bit of last-second physics. Does the ad persuade you to trust the traction of Bridgestone tires? No. But at least it gives you a reason to chuckle.

9. GEICO: This Little Piggy

It’s silly. And to many viewers, surely irritating. But we should thank GEICO for imagining what a children’s rhyme would look like in real life. Does switching to GEICO save you 15% or more on car insurance? “Did the little piggy cry, ‘Wee, wee, wee’ all the way home?” asks GEICO’s gravel-voiced pitchman. The commercial then cuts to a pig sticking its head outside a minivan window, for some reason holding pinwheels, shouting “Whee! Wee wee wee … whee!” … all the way home. The suburban-mom driver and her son sitting in the backseat with the pig are exasperated. The swine’s last line is a gem: after the mom pulls up to a house and tells the pig — named, apparently, Maxwell — that he’s home, he gives a quick “Thanks, Mrs. A.” The wee-ing was worth it.

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