10 Must Visit Websites for iPhone Photographers

iPhone photography is a growing medium, akin to Lomography in its cult status and the way it champions light-hearted, lo-fi, everyday shooting and off-beat effects.

Like any good burgeoning artistic movement there are already a bunch of brilliant online resources aimed at iPhone photographers offering great galleries, talent showcases, app reviews, exhibition news and more.

Read on for 10 great sites from around the web that we’ve bookmarked for iPhone Photographers and photo-lovers alike. Your favorite not on this list? Please share any other great iPhotography sites you like in the comments below.

10. Flickr

No, we haven’t gone mad. We know everyone (and their dog) is well aware of the world’s largest photography site, but besides being a place to upload your own pics, it’s a really good resource for iPhotography inspiration, artist discovery and app research.

Many iPhotographers will name the apps they’ve used for specific photos, giving you an idea of what the different photographic options can produce. Did you know there are more than 30 million iPhone photographs on Flickr? You can browse pics by camera model or head for one of the iPhoto groups — there are tons of them and some amazing photography to enjoy.

9. iPhone Photo

“Gently” curated by Caleb Kimbrough, iPhone Photo is a very simple site offering an online showcase of what Caleb considers “the best user submitted iPhone photography.” Dating back to July 2009, it’s an eclectic collection with some strong photography.

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