Top 10 Singers of 2010

Everybody loves music. It can take a sour mood and change it into a good mood. Below are the top ten singers of 2010.

10. Lady Gaga:

Despite having faced all the criticism and insolent remarks, Lady Gaga has still gotten out there in the music because her admirers all over the world are certainly more than the haters. She was born on March 28, 1986 as Stefani Joanna Angelina Germanotta. She is an American recording artist. She may dress a bit on the funky side, but that’s what makes her unique.

9. Carie Underwood

Carie Underwood has become a multi-platinum selling recording artist. She has won multiple Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Grand Old Opry. Carie Underwood certainly deserves a place here. No one would have thought of putting her on the list when she was on the American Idol but now she’s won everybody’s heart especially those who are big on country music.

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  1. RS says:

    Amy Macdonald “owns” these singers any day. Only Eminem and Taylor Swift are actually good, in my opinion. The BEP were amazing back in the day but nowadays… just no.

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