10 Best Social Apps of iPhone

Covering 10 best iPhone Games of the year 2011 in the previous post, we have tried to cover up with the latest apps developed available on the Apple Apps Store for iPhone. See the 10 of the best and widely used iPhone apps on the apple store below:


The Netflix app for iPhone comes on the heels of its iPad app, which was a monster hit. Subscribing to any of the monthly Netflix packages, which start at $7.99, gives iPhone users access to Netflix’s instant streaming queue anywhere, even on a 3G connection (though a wi-fi connection provides a better experience). It’s an ideal app for commuters or parents who want to keep their kids entertained on the go. One gripe: Customers can’t update their DVD-by-mail queue within the app, a surprising omission. Let’s hope that feature is part of the next update.


The app takes the already-popular website and puts it in usable, fast-moving mobile form. Every film tidbit you’d ever want to know is on IMDb, including cast lists, plot summaries and critical reviews. It’s a one-stop shop for film buffs and trivia hounds, who can also search for showtimes nearby and even shop for DVDs through Amazon. You can even watch trailers for upcoming or just-released films, should you tire of reading.

ESPN Scorecenter

With an almost inexhaustible selection of sports scores and leagues to follow in real time, ESPN’s free ScoreCenter app sweetens the deal by throwing in breaking news updates and letting you customize the app to feature your favorite teams and sports. ESPN’s venerable news ticker scrolls across the bottom of the screen just for good measure, too.

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