OS X Lion vs. Windows 8

There are important differences between Microsoft and Apple’s overall OS strategies, It all hinges on tablet support. Apple is aligning its tablet and phone OSes, and keeping the desktop OS separate, though mobile-influenced. Microsoft, on the other hand, is creating one OS for tablets and desktops, while keeping the phone OS separate—for now, anyway. Microsoft may even have its ideas for a grand unified OS for all devices. Keep in mind that Lion, which is due for release next month, is much further along in the development process. Windows 8, on the other hand, isn’t coming out until next year, so we haven’t gotten as full a picture of the latter. Lets see some of the main differences between Apple’s Lion OS and Microsoft Windows8.

#10 Unique Features in Windows 8

Windows 8 is certainly not without its own unique innovations. For one, the live tiles on its new start screen update with relevant information such as stock quotes or program messages, which can’t be matched by Apple’s Lion. Another is Windows 8′s Snap feature, which lets you get a peek at a second app while running your primary app in full screen. Finally, Microsoft demonstrated a new capability that allows apps to retrieve files from other apps, rather than just from the OS’s file system. But keep in mind that Windows 8 is in a much earlier state than Lion, so we can certainly expect more innovative goodies.

Unique Features in Lion

We’ve seen more of Lion over a longer period of time, and it’s obviously much closer to final release, so we know a lot more about its specific new features. Some of these are truly innovative and potentially useful. Lion’s AirDrop feature stands out, here: this lets you transfer files to any nearby Lion machine without disks, USB keys, or even a WiFi connection. Other nifty capabilities outlined are Auto Save and Versions, which mean you never have to worry about losing a document because you forgot to hit Save. Microsoft hasn’t said anything about counterparts to these cool capabilities.

#9 Backward Compatibility

With Lion, you can either launch an app from the Launchpad or just use the Dock as you would in Snow Leopard or its predecessor, Leopard. Though Apple hasn’t specifically claimed backward-compatibility it’s a safe bet that any Leopard and Snow Leopard apps will run on Lion. One issue for Macs running an earlier OS version than Snow Leopard is that the only way to get the $29.99 Lion upgrade will be through the Mac App Store, so users of versions prior to Snow Leopard will have to go through a separate upgrade process for that (bummer). Microsoft has clearly stated that Windows 7 apps will run in Windows 8, and that Windows 7 hardware will be compatible.

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