Tired of VPS?

Bloggers and Web-Developers! Its time for you to decide. Are you Really tired of your VPS service of host? Their So Called Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk-space gets over in just few days of month? It Surely looks amusing at the start, but why people get rid of such amusements in no time? The answer is simple, the simplicity of Interface, and the Simplicity of using options at your control panel. If your company fails to provide it, it is really difficult for them to sustain a healthy quantity of users at their servers.

So developers and bloggers, its time to choose the dedicated server. But the questions is again the same! How to decide which company suits your demands and needs? Is it all about branding? The one who brands its product without that user friendly Interface what you all need after all? Definitely, the answer would be a BIG NO. Then what?

A day before, I looked around Serverclub searching for the best server host for my site on Google. I looked around their plans and saw the pricing details. On some page a got a greeting message from one of their kind representative. I greeted her back in reply and ask about their brand, servers details and pricing lists. And the response they gave was what, that made me decide to switch there and ask other people to join them right now, which was something like this:

“We are not working for moeny, all what we are aiming here to provide a Quality servers with 99.99% up-time, and all our staff here is 24/7 ready to provide all the support you need, the server setup the initial setup, the backups all for FREE, you would love our Customer Support, without any doubts”.

Support! The only thing that matters alot before making up contract with any hosting company especially in Case of Dedicated Servers. The FREE and active support is all what attracted me.  If your company fails to provide support at down time, then all your efforts you are putting on site goes in vain.

So, Visit serverclub.com and ask your Questions – all of them will be answered in seconds with their efficient support team.

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