Worlds Most Prolific Serial Killers


Leaving aside wars, ethnic cleansing and other mass killings, what we are looking at here are a set of individuals who preyed on society for sport or a sick kind of pleasure. Killing not just once but repeatedly over time before being identified or apprehended.

The Clown Killer

John Wayne Gacy Jnr -Born March 17 1942 – Death by Lethal Injection May 10th 1994

Believed to have assaulted, raped and murdered 33 teenage boys in Chicago between 1972-1978. He buried 29 of his victims in the crawlspace beneath his home and around his property. The remains of the others were dumped in a river. Gacy received the death sentence in 1980 and finally excecuted in 1994. he became known as ‘The Clown Killer’ as he would appear at children’s parties as ‘Pogo the Clown’.

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Theodore (Ted) Bundy  - Born November 24th 1946 – Death by Electric Chair January 24th 1989

Ted Bundy

Handsome and charismatic yes, but also a sadistic serial killer and rapist. The true number of his victims remains unknown although he did confess to 30 homicides just prior to his execution. At least four of his victims were decapitated, their heads being kept as sick mementoes in Bundy’s home. Bundy did not confine his crimes to one area, his victims are spread across the US with charges being made in Colorado, Florida and Utah.

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Dr Harold Shipman – Born 14th January 1946 – Death (Suicide) by Hanging 13th January 2004

Dr Shipman

With 218 positively identified murders to his name and the probability of that number rising to 250, Dr Shipman was the most prolific serial killer that Britain has even borne witness to. Using his position of trust within the community he was able to administer lethal doses of morphine to his victims. His crimes only coming to light when the relatives of one of his victims commented on the number of cremation authorisations he had passed.

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Gary Leon Ridgway – Born 18th February 1949 – Presently Imprisoned

The Green River Killer

Also known as the Green River Killer, during the 1980′s & 90′s he is believed to have murdered 71 women, although he claimed the because there had been so many ‘he lost count’. The majority being between 1982-84, preying on runaways and prostitutes who would meet their death by strangulation, either by his bare hands or the use of ligatures. He was spared the death penalty as a result of a plea bargain, agreeing that he would provide information as to the whereabouts of his victim’s remains.

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Donald Harvey – Born April 15th 1952 – Presently Imprisoned

Angel of Death

Self appointed ‘Angel of Death’  - claiming to have killed at least 87 people. Harvey worked as a hospital orderly/porter which allowed his access to vulnerable victims. With arsenic and cyanide as his ‘favourite’ tools of choice he would administer them either in food, by injection or via an IV. His prolific killings have earned him the title of ‘expert medical killer’.

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