Top 5 Halloween Party Games


It’s that time of the year again where gruesome costumes are worn by those both young and old and candy is eaten by the bucket load. But just what games will you be playing at your Halloween party?

Hal o’Ween (& his squishy body)

Simply fill a series of paper cups or bowls with food items to resemble decomposing body parts, then pass the cups/bowls around your guests, who are seated in a circle, (in the dark) whilst telling the following story: (Guests have to see if they can identify what you have used to make the decomposing body parts). Don’t let slip what you have used until the very end of the game!
Here’s the story…Once in this town lived a man called Hal o’Ween. Twenty years ago on this very night, he was murdred out of spite, these are his remains…
Here is his brain, which now feels no pain: (Use peeled or stewed tomatoes) Here are his eyes, still wide with surprise: (Use 2 peeled grapes or olives) Here is his heart, don’t make it start! (Use a large lump of uncooked liver or other meat) Here is his hair, which once was so fair: (Use a handful of wet yarn or fur) His last drops of blood, the rest turned to mud: (Use a little ketchup thinned with warm water) One hand, all alone, rotting flesh left and bone: (Use a wet latex glove filled with red jelly) Here is his ear, no more will he hear: (Use a dried apricot or other suitable dried fruit) This was his nose, never to smell a rose: (use the end of a hot dog or chicken bone/gristle) These worms are all thats left to feel, for them Hal o’Ween was a lovely meal: (Use cold, wet, cooked spaghetti).
Give a suitable spooky prize to the guest who has the most guesses correct, and remember to have wipes handy!

Mummy Wrap

Make sure you have plenty of toilet roll to hand for this game! Split your guests into teams of 3 or 4 – one of them is going to be the mummy the others the embalmers. You can either award prizes for speed of wrapping, quality of wrapping or best design. (make sure they keep the mummy’s airways clear!)

Fear Factor Game

Fill a large container with a base material of your choice – moss & twigs and earth for graveyard undergrowth, cooked spaghetti or noodles for worms or rice for maggots, and add things to the mix like eyeballs (gobstoppers or ping pong balls); plastic snakes, spiders and jelly worms; fingers (baby carrots) or whatever revolting (but harmless) things you can think of – how about a rubber rat? Se who’s brave enough to put there hand in and see what they can find – blindfolded of course!


Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

But a few cheap plastic skeletons and take them apart. Hide all of the bones before the party starts, if you feel like it you can write out clues to help guests locate the bones. Split your guests into teams and see who comes closest to finding a complete skeleton. Award an extra prise if someone can reassemble it!

Make the Zombie Smile

This is a game everyone can play. One guest is IT, the rest of the guests are brain dead, motionless and emotionless zombies. All of the zombies must remain expressionless and the guest who is IT has the job of making them smile, giggle or twitch – without touching them! Once a zombie cracks and either moves of giggles they too become an IT and set to work raising the zombies. The last motionless zombie wins!

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