Holiday Checklist

What do you look for when choosing your holiday destination? Choose carefully of you could end up wishing you’d gone elsewhere.

 Secluded Beach?

No chance of relaxing on this St Martin beach, but you do get a great view of the undercarriage of every plane that flies over. You can even wave to the pilot as they pass by. Just watch out for the sand storm kicked up by the jets as it passes overhead – literally overhead – as they come into land on the runway that meets the beach!

Relaxing Road Trip?

Got the need for speed and looking for an expanse of open road so you can put your foot down and feel the wind blowing through your hair as you coast along the open highway? Well best stay clear of high mountain passes like these, or you may find yourself staying longer than you’d planned!

Fine Dining?

If high class resteraunts and fine dining are your idea of a luxury break, then avoid Indonesia as a destination, unless of course you are into rural cuisine. Monkey toes, eaten off the bone are a favourite delicacy, not to mention fried lizard on a stick!

Luxury Hotels?

Staying in a hotel can be a dream in itself, the beds are made while you are out, the bathroom is cleaned every day, the towels are always soft and fluffy and best of all, you never have to wash the dishes! Just make sure that the establishment you choose really is luxurious and has earned its star rating, or else you could end up somewhere like this.

Making New friends?

Holidays are a great time for socialising and making new friends. Please make sure that you are aware of any possible social faux pas before you interact!

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